November 16, 2004

Things to Come

Seriously people, OpenAppleDumb will be a lot more exciting once I get into a part-time position. It won't be that I have a lot more time in order to get great posts together, it's just that I won't be posting about the same thing every few days.

The issue is, my brain is completely focused on getting into a better situation for Marion, Keleigh, and I. Right now we're don't have a complete schedule for who's taking care of Marion in the afternoons, and that's a lot of stress. We also are quite tired because Marion has started waking up a lot more each night. I think she's going through a developmental jump, and once this is over (and her brain slows down a bit) she'll go back to sleeping like she used to.

I just think everything would be so much better if I was working a 20 hour position during the evenings, nights, or weekends. That way, I'd be home to care for Marion all day, and that would make things a lot easier for all of us.

She's just too precious to put into some stinking (or even not-stinking) daycare, where they have a bunch of babies to tend to. No matter how good that daycare is, it can't compare to Daddy. She'll never get the care that she deserves anywhere else. I know that millions of people have their children in daycare...yes, that might work for them, but it's a short term solution at-most for me.


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