November 30, 2004

Probe Update

Note, boring car stuff incoming.

I had the Probe towed home today, because it was safer than driving it home, and because my insurance will pay for up to $100 in towing charges (as many times as I want). I called five towing places in Ann Arbor, looking for the best price, and they all gave me the exact same figure, $40 hook up fee plus $3 per mile. So, $70 to tow it home.

The problem is definately the belt, or the lack of said belt. I took a look at it just a few moments ago, and's gone. In the Probe, there are two belts that run the 'accessories', one that drives the air conditioning and the alternator, and another that powers the water pump and the power steering. Sometime in my drive today, the latter belt broke, and bad things started to happen.

I also checked the pulleys for the water pump and the power steering, to make sure they weren't frozen, and they're spinning freely, so I'm headed towards a solution. I just need a new belt. Putting this belt on shouldn't be too difficult. I might even be able to do it tomorrow night. Maybe.


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