November 27, 2004

One Heck of a Birdbath

I'm not sure why it occured, but this was the scene in our backyard yesterday:

I've never seen so many birds, and there were more in our neighbor's yards, and in the trees beyond our yard. It was amazing. I was surprised though, that Kira (our cat) wasn't very interested. I think she was overwhelmed. She sat there staring at them for a moment, looked up at me and meowed (tentatively), and then walked away. Strange.

My break-before-the-dadness is going quite well. It's nice to have a long weekend right after you let your boss know that you'll be leaving your job soon. I'll go in on Monday refreshed, and ready to finish out the week. Once the week is over, it's 24-hour daddy time.

And in other news, Launchast is even better than it's ever been. You may recall that Launchcast is the internet radio service that I use (by Yahoo!), and I've been spreading the word about it because it's so freaking cool. Well, it appears that they just got the rights to play a large chunk of music that they couldn't before, so it's even better now. It never played any U2 before, and now it does, and this is a very good thing. Since yesterday, it's playing Weezer, Richard Buckner, U2, songs from Moulin Rouge, and many other wonderous things. I couldn't be happier.

In fact, it just started playing "Your Song" from Moulin Rouge right now. Launchcast is my hero.


At 1:16 PM, Anonymous said...

I beleive the birds are telling us that there is going to be mucho mucho snow this winter. Just like the winter we moved here. I have pictures just like yours, only of power lines and roof lines covered with birds. That winter was one of the snowiest since 1978.


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