November 30, 2004

Not a Happy Car

My car, my beautiful 1993 Ford Probe GT, is not happy. I drove it back in from lunch today, and the powersteering stopped functioning, and with that went the water pump, which means that there is either a broken belt, or a frozen pulley (which will likely lead to a broken belt). When the waterpump doesn't spin it's little blades, the coolant doesn't move around the engine, and it gets very very hot. When the engine gets very very hot, things start to melt, warp, and do other nasty (and very expensive to repair/replace) things.

I called my brother, as any good guy would do, and he gave me suggestions of things to look at in order to make sure I know what the problem is. From there, I can decide if it can make it home, of if it needs to be towed home. I'm fixing it myself, so it's not going to be towed to a garage, because it would cost so much money for a professional to fix it that I'd have to sell my body, and I'm not ready to do that for a car (even though it is a damn sexy car).

I then looked on, and the parts aren't very expensive. The belt is about $15 and the water pump is close to $50. Ah yes, the water pump, it's old, and I remember that the mechanic that checked the car out way back when it came out of storage told me that it was about to die. So...even if it's not dead yet, then it'll be dead soon, so I should replace it if I'm getting into it.

So, when to do this? I'm not really sure, but it'll have to be soon, as we need two cars. Once I'm done with this job the two-car need won't be as great, but we'll still need two cars.

Gotta be the car guy again, time to get dirty.


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