November 18, 2004

Amend For Arnold

Now, seriously, there are some good limits. While I'm all for people that are not natural born citizens of our country being in our country, and being important parts of our country, I don't think I can get behind the idea of amending the Constitution in order to allow foreign born citizens to become President.

This goes beyond Arnold Schwarzenegger, and beyond the fine Governor of Michigan, Jenny Granholm, who was born in Canada. This is there in order to limit the influence that a foreign entity (country, party, power, whatever) has on our govenrment, and really, I gotta say that this is a good thing. I'm sure that Arnold, Jen, and many other people are (and can be) fine political figures, and they might even make fine Presidents, but there is a higher risk of danger to our country if foreign born citizens are allowed to reach the Presidency.

This is a bad idea. Let's not go for it, okay?


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