October 29, 2004

Morning Poo

Marion has a poo-pattern, and that's great, because we always know that right around 7:45am (give or take 1/2 hour), she's gonna poo. Well, the fates decided that today would be a special day, a day for an extra early celebration. Marion woke up at 5:55am (read: too-damn-early), and began her early morning wiggles and smiles. At 6:25 it was apparent that she wasn't getting back to sleep, so her and I went to her room, and I proceeded to change her wet diaper.

I removed the diaper, and Marion's bowels decided it was time to move. Moments later, the changing table was a mess, but Marion was a happier girl.

So, here we are at 6:45am, she's getting ready to go back to sleep, and I'm being a daddy. And really, except for the early rising, I love it. And the early rising isn't that bad.


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